My Journey so far....

I find out a little bit more each day about how much I need a Savior - and what Jesus did for me... and what he can do for YOU!

  1. icorianne:

Adding these to my kitchen WISH LIST.


    Adding these to my kitchen WISH LIST.

  2. Headed to welcome back a soldier tonight from Iraq - Gwen Bradshaw! So Thankful for her service to our country!

  3. You know your loosing weight when your tight t-shirts become dresses….

  4. I may have a problem… I just seriously considered cutting the top off the peanutbutter jar so I could lick the bottom of the container…. THAT IS WHY I can’t keep that stuff in the house! Kryptonite!!!

  5. 40 days… Day one…

    I started my day today different… Today I am focusing on the extraordinary! I have taken time over the last few days to determine in my life WHAT I am going to do, what I am going to change to go from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY and today I started to walk that out. I am excited because as you step out in faith, God ALWAYS does big things!

    Through this I am not looking to just do a few things new just for the 40 days but I am really looking to change my personal habits to create a NEW ORDINARY - so then I can just think bigger!!!

    I encourage you to think - what can I do focused on YOU, GOD, and others, change your world and be Extraordinary!!

  6. I am SOOOOOO hungry today!!! I am seriously watching the clock for my 2:30pm snack…..

  7. Look through the windsheild more often than the rearview mirror!

  8. Have you been to Celebrate Recovery yet? Have you been thinking about going? Make tonight the night! Meet me there - We can sit together!

  9. I turn 30 exactly three months from today… That just hit me! Whoa! Bring THAT on!!

  10. I need a new bank… Any suggestions? I want to leave BOA but don’t know where to go!!

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